A Message from the Director

Dr. Rossetti

Welcome to the University of Arkansas’ new undergraduate program in Data Science! Your interest in math, science, technology and people have brought you to the right place. As you will soon learn, data science combines the fields of computer science, mathematics, statistics, and information systems with a focus on the generation, organization, modeling, and use of data to make scientific and business decisions. Our program here at the University of Arkansas is a unique collaboration between the Walton College of Business, the Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences, and the College of Engineering. The interdisciplinary nature of our program brings together faculty and students from all three colleges in order to enhance your college experiences and better prepare you for a career as a data scientist. As I hope you know, careers in data science are growing at a rapid pace and are occurring at the cutting edge of business and scientific innovation. Data scientists are impacting the everyday lives of people in many ways, including, predicting the effects of climate change, modeling the human genome, developing algorithms for self-driving vehicles, detecting and preventing crime, and recommending the most effect treatments for diseases. The next time you order something via your favorite voice assistant, you can count on data science being at the core of ensuring that your package arrives at your doorstep. I look forward to getting to know you better as you grow into your future. Again, I welcome you to the adventure of using data to make lives better!

Dr. Manuel D. Rossetti

Director of the Data Science Program for the College of Engineering, Walton College of Business, and Fulbright College of Arts & Sciences