Frequently Asked Questions

When do I need to decide on a concentration?

All incoming first-year, Calculus I or higher data students will officially declare their concentration in March during a Decision Day celebration. Decision Day is typically held during the DASC 1222, Role of Data Science in Today’s World class time.

What is FYDS?

The First- Year Data Science program (FYDS) is designed to nurture the academic success and individual growth of first-year data science students by establishing the foundation for their excellence in the study of data science. Students will be paired with a peer mentor for the duration of their first year in our program and will be required to meet with the peer mentor weekly.

What are peer mentors?

Peer mentors are data science students just like you. They are here to answer questions and to provide you with information that will help you be successful in your first year. They have been in your shoes and understand the path on which you are about to embark on as a first-year data science student. They will share lessons they have learned and answer any questions you may have about academics, extracurricular activities, balancing school and fun, and anything else you may want to ask.

What type of laptop do I need?

The Data Science program has a laptop requirement for all students. Learn more about the specifications on the type of laptop we require.

An Adjustment to your financial aid for the purchase of a computer may be available by completing a Budget Adjustment Form  through the University Financial Aid Office.

How is my math placement determined?

Math placement is determined by the Department of Mathematical Sciences. Math is key in the First-Year Data Science program as it determines the courses you will be eligible to enroll in.

There are four ways to determine math placement:

  1. ACT or SAT scores
  2. College credit for a prerequisite course
  3. AP, IB or CLEP credit
  4. Taking the math placement test 

How do I find out more about study abroad?

Visit to learn more about our study abroad options.